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Supporting businesses on their journey to net zero

Working in a sustainable way has never been more crucial. Every business that takes sustainability and its environmental responsibility seriously will continually review its working processes and the effect its operations have on the world around them, both on a local and global scale. 


SEE embraces this policy and calling on its experience in this field, works alongside clients to help them achieve their sustainability goals by establishing programmes that reduce waste and emissions enabling businesses to work towards a net zero carbon output future. 


•  EV Installations

•  Solar PV

•  Decarbonisation programmes

•  Fast track projects

•  Remodels and fit outs

•  M&E projects

•  Building fabric projects

•  LED lighting

•  Low-emission HVAC systems

•  Introduction of new technology

•  Control and measurement systems

•  Fabric improvements

•  Sustainability surveys

Engineer at Construction Site
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M&E Services

Providing a range of Fast Track M&E services for company infrastructure, sites, buildings and operations describes the core of SEE’s activity over the past 40 years.


Introducing and implementing sustainable methods of working and installing efficient systems enables our customers to realise a range of additional benefits. Upgrades include the installation of EV charging points, more efficient, state-of-the art lighting, heating and ventilation systems that coupled to improvements to infrastructure, fabric and insulation, each helping to control operational costs whilst at the same time, improve overall sustainability and reduce levels of carbon output.


SEE works closely with suppliers and third-party contractors to ensure the best and most appropriate installation. Its team will also advise on the most efficient and effective solutions and oversee the third-party work before testing and commissioning systems to ensure all necessary statutory certifications and O&M manuals are in place before handover.

Engineer at Construction Site

Fabric Maintenance and Upgrades

SEE fully understands the importance of keeping premises compliant, safe, smart, efficient and sustainable. It has the resources and expertise to refurbish, renovate refit and upgrade to maximise efficiency and reduce emissions. And for new projects, SEE is well versed in turning visions into reality.  


From basic shell and core structures, to plant rooms, lift lobbies and washroom facilities, all types of work and areas are covered. Whether it’s a new office layout, a refreshed store design or a new restaurant concept, SEE specialises in fit-outs and refurbishments for premises that are in regular or constant use. 


SEE will manage and deliver all trades and services; from design concept to installation, construction, commissioning and handover, whilst maintaining a safe, and compliant. And in keeping with all it does, all operations are carried out in the most efficient and effective way, with focus on sustainability and environmentally responsible practices and procedures.

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