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INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Looking forward to 2024

In our final interview of 2023, we meet up with Jordan Marsh, Operations Director for SEE Services (SEE). We discuss how a sporting injury changed the trajectory of his career and predict the trends that will dominate the facilities sector in 2024.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at SEE:

It’s nice to meet you! I’m Jordan and I’ve worked at SEE for over 20 years. In my role as a Director I have responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the organisation with a particular focus on the delivery of our most complex project works. A large part of my role is about planning for the future of the business, but I’m also on hand to assist Project Managers and customers too.

Twenty years at SEE is an impressive tenure. Was there a pivotal experience during this time that shaped your career path?

If I had to pinpoint a pivotal moment it would be early in my career when I was an electrical apprentice at SEE. A sporting injury meant I had to work in the office and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. So-much-so, it changed the entire direction of my career. Over the years I progressed from a Junior Project Manager to a Key Account Holder. Concurrently, the expansion of services that SEE deliver allowed opportunities for my responsibilities to grow and ultimately, I was promoted to Operations Director.

Throughout your career what trends have you seen in the industry and how has SEE responded?

There are two notable trends I have observed during my career. Firstly, there was a growing trend amongst customers to consolidate their M&E services under a single provider. SEE had an excellent reputation, but historically we were predominantly an electrical services provider. To meet the demand we expanded our capabilities, evolving into a principal contractor capable of delivering comprehensive M&E solutions.

The second trend towards sustainability has emerged in the last five-to-ten years. Customers are not only seeking to reduce their environmental footprint but also aiming to engage with suppliers committed to sustainability. At SEE, as our business developed, we made it a priority to be a responsible organisation, emphasizing our people, customers, and community, including minimising our environmental impact.

Reflecting on the past year, what stands out to you as the most significant project or solution delivered by SEE?

In the last 12 months we have delivered some fantastic projects. So much of what we do is complex, delivered out of hours and in live environments - and that makes it hard to pick just one. However, if I was to identify a single scheme it would be the one we completed earlier this year at a major distribution centre. We designed the charging solution for this incredibly complex site and installed nearly 200 EV chargers.

Finally, looking forwards to 2024, what types of projects do you anticipate being the most popular?

Decarbonisation and solutions to reach net-zero are going to continue to be significant for our customers. LED lighting, EV chargers, Solar PV, load balancing and upgrading electrical distribution systems are all going to be high on the agenda. I also expect to see a lot happening around compliance and equipment upgrades.


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