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INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Discussing rewarding careers in facilities management

This month we chat with Darren Watson Head of Technical Mobile Compliance to discuss the job opportunities in facilities management, and we explore why it is such a rewarding sector to develop your career.

Can you start by telling us about your career?

Hi, I’m Darren and I'm an Electrical Engineer with over three decades experience in the field. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to grow into roles like Surveyor and Estimator, particularly focusing on the commercial and retail sector since 2005.Currently, I'm the Senior Head of Technical Mobile & Compliance at SEE Services. In this role, I oversee all Electrical Reactive and Planned Maintenance Works. Ensuring compliance and maintaining top-notch quality are at the core of what I do. I'm also the go-to person for handling any major concerns or escalations from our valued clients.

What makes facilities management an exciting sector to have a career in?

Facilities management offers an incredibly dynamic and diverse environment for professionals. Working across a vast array of sectors and property types every day presents new challenges and opportunities to make a tangible impact.  Whether it's checking the emergency lighting, optimizing energy efficiency, or implementing innovative solutions, there's never a dull moment in facilities management.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of working in facilities management?

One of the most rewarding aspects is the opportunity to see the direct impact of your work on the places people live and work. Companies like SEE Services play a crucial role in creating safe, efficient, and comfortable environments for people. SEE mobile engineers, for example, ensure buildings used by the NHS are safe and compliant and we get a great sense of satisfaction from a job well done.

What sort of roles do you recruit and what sort of skills do applicants need?

In facilities management, positions range from maintenance technicians to senior-level positions such as facilities directors. There are also roles like accountants, sustainability managers and health and safety experts.  No matter their background, the essential skills we are looking for are communication, problem-solving, technical expertise, project management, budgeting, and customer service.

What opportunities for career growth and advancement are available in facilities management?

Facilities management is a sector that offers many opportunities for growth and advancement. Whether it's specialising in a technical area or transitioning into leadership roles, facilities professionals have the flexibility to carve out their career path according to their interests and aspirations. With the sector continually evolving, there's always room for advancement and professional development.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in facilities management?

In the facilities sector demand for top talent is fierce, and that makes it a great sector to get into. While it may not be a sector that immediately jumps to mind, it offers a career that combines excitement, innovation, and the opportunity to make a difference.

SEE Services are recruiting a number of exciting roles, see our careers page for the latest vacancies!


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