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EV Charging Solutions


 SEE has been carrying out single and multi-site installations since the need for an increased national EV infrastructure was first highlighted. Since that time, it has provided a range of charging stations across the UK for businesses - many of them well-known brands - local authorities, government establishments and private operations.


Its holistic approach and extensive experience means that SEE is capable of  taking on projects of various sizes, from straightforward to complex installations. Its attention to detail takes into account all elements of operation that as well as the installation of the charging points themselves, includes preparation, consultation and all associated tasks, together with health and safety considerations.



Why EV?


Businesses that offer easy to access and convenient on-site charging sends a clear message they have engaged with the national conversation and are committed to a greener and more sustainable future.


Locations with charging installations are listed on a wide range of mapping platforms and can become a point of destination not only for local motorists, but for those who’s cars need a top-up when travelling on a longer journey.


When it comes to the workplace, installations can form part of an integrated corporate strategy. It will encourage staff to switch to an EV - if they have not already done so - and enable visitors to the premises to charge-up while they are on-site.



Providing your customers with easy, reliable electric charging.

Electric Car

Local Authorities

Creating a future proof EV infrastructure for communities.


Fleet Solutions

Supporting your transition to sustainable mobility.

Charging an Electric Car

Workplace Charging

Support your staff and visitors in their transition to electric.

Engineer at Construction Site

Commercial Premises

EV drivers respond well to businesses that have charging points that are easy to find, easy to use and available when they need them. 


The data captured from the charging points can provide powerful commercial information. This includes energy usage, revenue generated, the number of users and their dwell time. 


On-site charging can also be an income stream, add value to an existing business and provide a return on investment. Another consideration for charging point operators is the ability to increase the frequency of site visits by adopting a flexible pricing policy that can be adjusted to align with commercial or seasonal activity, as follows:


For profit:        A price that exceeds the cost of supply

Cost recovery: The price charged matches the cost of supply

Loss leader:     Strategic pricing that attracts customers for less than the cost of supply

Special offer:   Special deals that correspond with in-store promotions

Advertising:     Sell space on the media charger display screen

Engineer at Construction Site

Fleet Operations

Organisations that currently operate a fleet of vehicles are likely to run diesel or petrol-engined cars. Whilst the initial purchase cost is currently less than that of an equivalent EV, running costs are most definitely more and in time, residual values of fossil fuelled cars will decrease. 


A carefully considered, properly installed and well managed charging point scheme is the catalyst towards an all-electric fleet. The speed of return on investment will depend on the number of vehicles, the distances covered and the frequency of use. But on top of that will be the move towards zero emissions, increased CSR, plus benefits in road tax and congestion charges.

Types of Installation


SEE is able to install EV charging systems of all types for a variety of applications:


Ground and Post Mounted Chargers

• Suitable for workplace and public charging


Wall Mounted Chargers

• Suitable for workplace and public charging in built-up areas


Rapid Chargers

• Suitable for taxi rank, workplace, depot-based and public charging


Media Chargers

• Featuring a large display screen and interactive features, capable of fast-charging up to two vehicles at once


Load Balancing Chargers

• Suitable as part of a multiple-station charging network, with solo or twin outlets 


Document Chargers

• Twin or solo capability, pay-as-you-go, multiple speed from single or three phase supply

Charging forward. What next.


EV charging installations are a long-term investment and represent a significant fixed business asset. Therefore, it is important to consider the options available and, as transport heads towards its electric future, take a long-term view on the size of the installation and the capability of expansion at a later date. This is especially the case for first-time EV projects.


Accessing expert advice and knowing who to turn to when questions arise – and they inevitably will – is an important consideration when embarking on an EV installation programme. And that’s where SEE Services comes in.


For answers to these questions, to discuss your plans and to guide you through your EV charging installation journey, our specialists are plugged-in, ready and waiting to help.


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