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SEE decommissions and recommissions business premises due to lockdowns

Press Release - November 2020

With 2020 bringing with it unprecedented circumstances, the likes of which we’ve never seen before, it has meant businesses have had to adapt their ways of working and in some cases, having to close in order to comply with regional and UK-wide controls in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Most affected by these restrictions are those that operate in the hospitality, non-essential retail and recreational sectors.


Consequently, this affected some of SEEs’ clients, in particular pubs, cafés, clothing outlets and gymnasiums that had to shut-down when the first national lockdown was announced in March. Then, a few months later as restrictions were lifted, working and public areas within their premises were made Covid-secure so that trading could recommence.

Fast-forward a few months when a surge in cases caused a second national lockdown to be introduced at the beginning of November, many of the same organisations had no choice but to close their doors again. 

In order to ensure the shut-down process in the Spring and Autumn was carried out in such a way to ensure customer premises remained safe and secure, SEE provided support by sending in its teams to decommission buildings, services and facilities.


And then, when it comes to re-opening when the restrictions are lifted, SEE’s team goes back to  the sites to recommission the premises and check that all services are functioning correctly and safely. This includes electricity, gas and water supplies, together with the operation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning lighting, fire and plumbing systems.


“Our skilled teams know exactly what’s required when it comes to shut-downs and start-ups”, explains SEE Services Managing Director Jamie Davey. “So when the time comes to get back to work, our customers can rest assured their buildings and services are ready to go and means business can commence from day one.”

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