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Our response to Coronavirus

Supporting our clients and colleagues

The health and safety of our colleagues, clients and the wider public has always been our top priority and in response to the current pandemic we have implemented a number of protocols across the group to safeguard our people and our operations.   We have continued to operate as usual in compliance with government health advice whilst actively promoting responsible behaviour and implementing flexible working practices.

SEE have been supporting our clients with specific services where our skilled and well-trained teams quickly respond to the ever-changing landscape that has affected businesses across the UK.  As the situation changes as the consequences of the pandemic unfold, we continue to work closely with our customers in order to understand their needs and respond accordingly, be it the implementation of cleaning services, the provision of staff or the supply of detection equipment.


Decommissioning & Recommissioning

Ensuring your property remains safe, secure and compliant we will decommission your building protecting its systems and reducing risks, hazards and costs.


Once you are ready to bring your property back into operation SEE will help you recommission this  through careful planning, testing and installation

Thermal scanner detecting infected peopl

Fever Recognition System

SEE working in partnership with Manuka Tech have developed an effective way to measure and record body temperature through thermal imaging cameras linked to our data processing software platform Renegade.

Cameras can be mounted in areas of high footfall or in public access areas where temperature readings are scanned and transmitted generating a automatic alert. 


The system is easily accessed from any internet abled desktop or mobile device.


Electrostatic & Microbiological Hygiene Cleaning

Our deep cleaning services are vital allowing your business to continue to operate.  

We deliver Microbiological Hygiene Cleaning, santising all surfaces, floors, units and equipment. 


Our Electrostatic Cleaning services also do this via a touchless application, spraying a electrostatically charged mist and significantly reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Contract Cleaning

With all organisations undertaking extra cleaning measures SEE are able to you offer this much needed support.

Whether it is supplying additional cleaning operatives or providing cover for employees who may be having to self-isolate to shield others we are able to deliver.

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