Rapid and Advanced Drying

As part of the flood/water damage restoration services provided at SEE Services, we have a range of rapid/advance drying techniques.


When flood water enters a building, it is a race against time to ensure the water does not cause permanent damage to the property. We deploy specialist technicians as soon as possible after receiving a call, to ensure that the water removal and drying can begin as soon as possible, before major damage sets in.

Our specialist Rapid Drying Systems (RDS) use the most effective methods for drying buildings affected by flood and water damage. Traditional drying methods can take weeks or even months to fully dry buildings, but hydrothermic drying technology can dry buildings in a matter of hours or days.


Our RDS systems work by drawing in air from the atmosphere, drying or heating that air, then injecting it into the affected building. This method increases the moisture content each cubic metre of air can hold, ensuring the building can be dried as quickly and effectively as possible. This creates a hot air chamber within the building, which absorbs moisture from the building's structure and contents like a sponge. The moisture is then removed from the building using specialist venting systems.

Our RDS systems can:

  • Dry building up to 10 times faster than dehumidifiers, and use less power

  • Reduce downtime, business interruption and refurbishment costs

  • Offer a more cost effective solution than conventional drying methods

  • Provide temporary heat / air conditioning

  • Stop mould from growing and prevent odours

  • Prevent secondary damage caused by increased relative humidity

  • Reduce the impact of water damage or construction moisture without delay


Among the benefits of the RDS system is that it can be managed remotely, from start to finish. The entire system is monitored via the internet to ensure that the temperature and humidity are optimised for safe, fast drying. This helps to make the drying process more efficient, helping to save money on further building maintenance, as well as being environmentally friendly.

We have provided rapid drying services to:


  • Hotels

  • Offices

  • Shopping centres

  • Construction companies

  • Schools, colleges, universities

  • Pubs & clubs

  • Apartment blocks and flats

  • Housing association

  • Water companies

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