Water and Flood Damage

When it comes to flooding and water damage, urgent action must be taken to ensure that property and possessions can be recovered. Fast action ensures the best chance of restoring your property back to its original state.

Our emergency technicians aim to attend your property within two hours of a call-out (often sooner). Once on site, our technicians will work to assess the damage already caused by flooding or water, and will determine the best course of action to prevent any further damage from taking place.

Our technicians will then apply their expertise, gained through years of experience in the industry, to restore your property from the effects of flood and water damage. We use the most advanced products and equipment available to ensure that no trace of damage remains once we have completed our cleaning and restoration work.

We understand that flood and water damage in your property can be a stressful experience. At SEE Services we aim to get your property back to normal with as little upheaval as possible. We will work as quickly and effectively as we can to ensure that you are away from your property for the shortest amount of time (if necessary at all). We deal sensitively with all of our clients and ensure a good level of communication so you are aware of the progress of restoration at all times.

There are many causes of flooding and water damage - from extreme external elements to minor plumbing malfunctions. These include major UK disasters, extreme weather conditions, melting ice, burst pipes, leaks, and firefighting water. Even if the cause of your damage is minor, the consequences can be devastating. This can include damage to ceilings, floors and carpets, machinery, paint, and insulation.

Our many years of experience means we have dealt with a vast range of situations: from major London offices, to warehouses and school devastated by water. Our technicians have handled major incidents including river flooding, sewage back surges and storm damage all over the U.K, such as London, Kent and the East Midlands

With the use of modern technology and the expertise of our project managers and technicians we are able to help more people, much more quickly than ever before. From tracking weather patterns, to remote drying monitoring systems, we can move equipment from one case to the next with the minimum of delay, making the equipment work harder for the insurer and the policyholder.


Our response measures at a glance:

  • Remove standing water and recover assets

  • Measure moisture and record damage

  • Leak detection

  • Drying of buildings by technical means

  • Conservation of machinery, electrical appliances, equipment and furniture, files and documents

  • Disinfection by destroying micro­organisms and mould

  • Odour neutralisation

  • Remove water stains from oak beams

  • Remove paint to dry wall

  • Efficient coordination of all works

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