High Level Cleaning

Whether in the home or the workplace, high level areas can be hard to clean and quickly become unhygienic. This is especially of concern in food preparation areas, public buildings, and medical facilities, where good hygiene is critical. High level cleaning is also often the only way to carry out effective window cleaning on very tall buildings, such as skyscrapers and apartment blocks. This is why we offer high level cleaning in the City of London and other areas of the country that have a large concentration of tall buildings.

At SEE Services, we have all the specialist equipment and expertise require to undertake all types of high level cleaning. Like all of our building maintenance services, we ensure that our high level cleaning is carried out in a safe and controlled manner.

Below are some examples of the high level cleaning service we provide:

  • Cladding & Aluminium Building Cleaning

  • Air Abrasive Cleaning

  • Sandblasting

  • High Level Window cleaning

  • Rope Access cleaning

  • Netting

  • Bridge Cleaning

  • Roof & Gutter Cleaning

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