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Student Accommodation

As the students leave for the summer holidays, and a new academic year beckons, your thoughts will turn to the appearance of your student accommodation properties for your expectant newcomers moving in during September. With SEE Services summer deep clean service, we can ensure that their first impressions of your accommodation are the best.

SEE Services have been providing student accommodation cleaning for a number of years and we transform thousands of rooms each summer. Our experienced team use deep cleaning methods to ensure a high quality service, to get all the rooms and their fixtures and fittings back to the best possible condition. Our deep cleaning teams use the very latest specification machines and equipment, to ensure high quality deep cleaning of large properties and accommodation areas, removing all traces of the previous occupants.

Our summer deep clean services are tailored to your needs, and will leave your student accommodation facilities spotless and sparkling in time for the start of the new academic year. Our team members are extensively trained to understand all the specifications and requirements, to give you confidence that you will be providing high standards for your new students. We provide 24/7 support where required, to ensure that everything is completed to achieve tight turnarounds.


Our student accommodation cleaning services include:

  • Deep cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms

  • Sanitation and quality checking of all appliances

  • Cleaning of student bedrooms and lounge areas

  • Window cleaning

  • Cleaning of all common areas, such as landings and stairwells

Extractions & Commercial Kitchens

In  commercial kitchens, regular duct and extraction cleaning is crucial to ensure ducts and extraction systems remain free of grease and debris. Cooking grease, carbon and steam can condense on ventilation systems and gradually build up. If this is left untouched, the ventilation system can become damaged and cause a fire hazard, as well as becoming prone to bad odours.

Regular duct and extraction cleaning is especially important in busy commercial kitchens, where grease and debris can build up quickly. Business premises are also subject to regulations including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) TR/19 Standards. These regulations stipulate that duct and ventilation systems must be well maintained for safety and insurance purposes.


At SEE Services we offer a range of duct and extraction cleaning services to ensure your commercial kitchen environment remains safe and hygienic. Our duct and extraction cleaning services can extend the lifespan of your ventilation system, remove unhygienic grease build up, and reduce the risk of fire in your kitchen.

Restaurant & Kitchen Cleaning

Professional restaurants and catering environments need to be kept at a good standard of hygiene to ensure food safety. As well as daily cleaning, professional kitchens benefit from periodical deep cleaning to remove any build up of dirt in hard to clean areas. Deep cleaning also helps commercial kitchens to meet regulations set by food safety authorities.

Regular and deep cleaning is essential to ensure compliance with the Food Safety Act 1990 as well as the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006. Failure to comply with these regulations not only puts food safety at risk, but can also put your business at risk of fines of even closure of the premises.

At SEE Services we offer deep cleaning services for restaurants and commercial kitchens to ensure your food preparation areas are as hygienic as possible. We can tackle hard to reach areas such as walls, kitchen fittings and the areas behind and underneath your kitchen equipment. We remove any build up of grease and carbon, ensuring your equipment is safe for food preparation, as well as prolonging the life of your equipment.


We can clean and sanitise all types of kitchen equipment and surfaces, including:

  • Ovens

  • Deep fat fryers

  • Grills

  • Combi steam ovens

  • Salamanders

  • Bain-maries

  • Fridges

  • Tiles

  • Floors

  • Ceilings

  • Storage cupboards


We use the latest equipment and methods to ensure the safe and effective removal of grease and dirt build up in your kitchen. This includes steam cleaning, which is an effective way of removing bacteria and bad odours.

Our kitchen cleaning service can be offered out of hours to ensure there is no disruption to your business.

Our Services include

  • General kitchen cleaning or kitchen deep clean

  • Canopy and filter cleaning

  • Extraction cleaning

  • Duct work cleaning

  • Structural cleaning

Deep Cleaning

When your commercial building is in need of a spring clean, the deep cleaning service from SEE Services can ensure your property sparkles again.

We offer intensive cleaning for every corner of your property during our deep cleaning service. We thoroughly clean all surfaces, floors, units and equipment to remove any build up of dust, grease and grime. Our service is tailored to your needs, so we can focus on a specific area if you require. A specialist team of cleaners will work to sanitise your property and get to those parts missed in your day to day cleaning regime.

Our deep cleaning service includes:

  • Washing and disinfecting hard floors

  • Washing and disinfecting your bathroom and kitchen

  • Vacuuming upholstery and carpets

  • Cleaning storage units inside and out

  • Dusting furniture and surfaces

  • Cleaning and polishing glass surfaces and mirrors

  • Cleaning kitchen appliances

  • Cleaning kitchen and bathroom tiles

  • Vacuuming mattresses, curtains and blinds

  • Window sill and window cleaning

  • Cleaning doors, skirting boards, etc.

  • Cleaning decor

  • Emptying recycle bins

  • Removing cobwebs

And many more intensive tasks not covered by your regular cleaning routine.

Builders Clean

After having building work completed in your home or workplace, the last thing you want to do is clean up the mess left behind. Even the most considerate building firms can leave traces of dust and debris in your property, and it's hard to enjoy the full effect of the renovation until the mess is cleared.

SEE Services offers an after builders cleaning service to meet your needs. The service is flexible and can tend to a minor amount of building dust or a major clean up operation. Our professional cleaning team can take care of any mess left behind after building work so you can sit back and enjoy the results of your building renovation. We also offer a cleaning service for recently completed new build properties so they are ready for viewing.

Whether your property needs a quick clear up or a full deep clean after building work, we can ensure your premises are shining from top to bottom.

Our after builders cleaning service includes:

  • Removing rubbish left behind by builders

  • Removing dirt and building dust

  • Professionally cleaning all floors and carpets

  • Professional window sill, window frame and window cleaning

  • Cleaning skirting boards, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches and sockets

  • Cleaning walls and ceilings

  • Deep cleaning kitchen, bedroom, living room, common areas

  • Cleaning furniture and cupboards both inside and out

  • De-scaling any bathroom or kitchen tiles, polishing all surfaces

  • Cleaning toilets and sinks

Washroom & Bathroom Cleaning

Washrooms and bathrooms in commercial buildings benefit from regular cleaning, but dirt and bacteria can still build up over time. It's important to keep your bathrooms fresh and clean to ensure a pleasant and hygienic experience for guests.

At SEE Services we offer both regular bathroom cleaning and periodical deep cleans. No matter how regularly or thoroughly you clean your washrooms, germs and bacteria can accumulate in hard to reach places. Our cleaning services ensure all dirt and grime is removed, as well as sanitising areas such as toilets and floors so they remain hygienic and free from harmful bacteria buildup.

We use specialist cleaning materials and techniques to ensure all fixtures and fittings in your washrooms are brought to a sparkling finish. Our cleaning methods will remove any limescale, dirt, hair, soap, and will eliminate the causes of bad odours in your bathroom.

Our services include cleaning toilets, urinals, basins, and showers. We also sanitise surfaces including floors and walls, and ensure all fixtures are kept hygienic, including taps, tiles, grouting, and sanitary bins. We can also carry out minor repairs to ensure your washroom environment lasts longer, including fixing defective plugs and replacing damaged grouting and sealant.

Our range of washroom and bathroom cleaning services can:

  • Remove harmful bacteria

  • Eliminate unpleasant odours

  • Prolong the life of washroom amenities and pipe work

  • Improve cosmetic appearance

  • Reduce risk of infection

  • Improve hygiene levels

Weed Control

We provide a comprehensive weed control service, including grounds maintenance, plant, pest and disease control, and control of invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed, as well as other related gardening services:

  • Aquatic Weed Control

  • Grass Growth Control

  • Insect Control

  • Invasive Plant Control

  • Moss and Algae Control

  • Urban Tree Protection


Baseguards can significantly reduce the maintenance costs of trees within tree wells and turf by stopping compaction, weed growth & litter build up.

Installing a Baseguard will also reduce the necessary requirements for trimming and will therefore cut ongoing labour costs significantly.

Baseguards will reduce the amount of chemicals needed to be used in tending to your trees. They are also very environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled car tyres.

Baseguards comes in a range of colours and two textures. They are highly adaptable to differing environments, including turf applications.

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