Stone Cleaning

Different types of stone require specialist types of cleaning. At SEE Services we understand this and apply specific techniques to suit each building.

Different types of stone weather and degrade in different ways, and as such they require specialist techniques to remove dirt and to avoid damage to the surface.

At SEE Services we will undertake a detailed survey to determine the best type of cleaning for each building. All types of masonry are surprisingly fragile, so we ensure that we do not apply harsh cleaning methods - only those that are the most effective.

We have a wide range of equipment to suit every stone cleaning job. Our specialist pressure washing system is adjustable to deliver water up to 150 degrees centigrade for the toughest jobs. The pressure can also be reduced for more delicate jobs. Our other stone cleaning methods include VorTech, nebulous water spraying and gentle chemical removers.

Our stone cleaning process includes the following:

  • Undertake a detailed survey to determine the type of stone and cleaning needs

  • Determine the method to be used

  • Set up access for high level cleaning - through scaffolding, access platforms or ropes

  • Remove layers of paint or graffiti as required

  • Deploy truck mounted pumps to soften dirt and grime

  • Repoint the stonework (only if required)

  • Clean-up of site. This includes washing windows, doors and guttering / pipework etc.

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