Listed Building Cleaning

Listed buildings and buildings of historical interest require a special approach to cleaning. Careful measures must be taken to reduce the risk of damage to the building's exterior, as regular cleaning methods can be too harsh or ineffective. At SEE Services we employ specialist methods to ensure your building is cleaned effectively while not having a negative effect on the external look of the building.

Over many years, the exterior of listed buildings or buildings of historical interest can become marred by built-up dirt from the surrounding environment. Using sand blasting or other traditional methods of external building cleaning can be too harsh for aged buildings and can alter the building's appearance beyond that accepted by English Heritage guidelines.

External cleaning of listed buildings now requires Listed Building Consent or, in the case of unlisted buildings within a conservation area, planning permission.

We take these guidelines into consideration and use a range of specialist methods to clean listed buildings and buildings of historical interest.

Dry Ice Blasting
At  SEE Services we use a dry ice blasting method to clean oak beams. This method gently but remove layers of paint and grime from wooden beams, restoring them back to their original condition without any smoothing of the wood.

VorTech Cleaning
VorTech cleaning is a patented cleaning process which is effective for cleaning both interior and exterior surfaces of listed and old buildings. The cleaning method is great for listed building maintenance as it is chemical free, gentle, efficient and causes no damage to the substrate's surface.  VorTech can be used to clean the following:

  • Stone and brick

  • Concrete

  • Terracotta

  • Ceramic tiles and glass

  • Copper, brass, bronze, aluminium

  • Removal of lime and cement-based paints

  • Removal of paint residues

  • Removal of oil based paints

  • Removal of bitumen

ThermaTech Cleaning

ThermaTech cleaning is a great complement to the VorTech cleaning system. The ThermaTech cleaning method uses a combination of heat and pressure to remove surface pollutants on listed buildings and buildings of historical interest. It does this without damaging the underlying surface.

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