Drain lining and repair

If you have a drain that needs repairing, our drain lining service may be a straightforward and efficient solution. Cured in place pipe (CIPP) drain lining provides a solution to worn or damaged pipes, which may be caused by root intrusion, water penetration or crack and fractures. The process does not require any pipes to be dug up or replaced, as a flexible resin layer sets against the damaged pipe, effectively moulding a new pipe inside. CIPP provides immediate repair and restoration of flow, as well as minimising costs and disruption at the site.


Drain Lining Process

  • A comprehensive CCTV inspection is conducted to determine the faults in the pipe and the reasons for their occurrence.

  • If a new drain lining is required, a specially formulated resin in a flexible liner is fed through the existing damaged pipe.

  • Once the flexible liner is expanded into the old pipe, the curing process takes place.

  • When curing is complete the flexible liner is removed, leaving a tightly fitted rigid new pipe. A further CCTV inspection can be carried out to confirm that the repair is of the highest standard.

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