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External Cleaning

External cleaning at any height

Of all of the ‘soft’ services SEE has to offer, the cleaning of external surfaces on buildings, structures and paved areas is the one most called for. Whether its general maintenance, paint or graffiti removal, stone, brick or render cleaning, our team of experienced operatives has dealt with it all.


The area requiring attention could be at ground level or at the top of a tower block. Either way, SEE has the equipment and resources to carry out cleaning whatever the height, safely and efficiently.


The team is also well versed in dealing with historic and listed buildings and is able to carry out tasks sympathetically and in accordance with the materials used for the construction of the venue. The same goes for business locations, where the SEE teams will do there upmost to minimise inconvenience and avoid disruption to normal day-to-day operations.

High Level Cleaning

Whether in the home or the workplace, high level areas can be hard to clean and quickly become unhygienic. This is especially of concern in food preparation areas, public buildings, and medical facilities, where good hygiene is critical. High level cleaning is also often the only way to carry out effective window cleaning on very tall buildings, such as skyscrapers and apartment blocks. This is why we offer high level cleaning in the City of London and other areas of the country that have a large concentration of tall buildings.

At SEE Services, we have all the specialist equipment and expertise require to undertake all types of high level cleaning. Like all of our building maintenance services, we ensure that our high level cleaning is carried out in a safe and controlled manner.

Below are some examples of the high level cleaning service we provide:

  • Cladding & Aluminium Building Cleaning

  • Air Abrasive Cleaning

  • Sandblasting

  • High Level Window cleaning

  • Rope Access cleaning

  • Netting

  • Bridge Cleaning

  • Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Window Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of effective building maintenance is regular window cleaning. At SEE Services our expert technicians have all the equipment and expertise needed to carry out high level window cleaning for commercial and residential buildings.

We use a range of methods to access windows of any height, including rope access and industrial abseiling techniques. All of our window cleaning methods are safe and allow us easy access to ensure we can clean your windows to a high standard.

Our window cleaning technicians will assess the access restrictions to your building's windows and will determine the best course of action. We will then recommend and deploy the most time and cost-effective method, whether that's traditional ladder access or a more advanced method such as abseiling.

We can work with all windows at any height, whether you're looking for window cleaning for your apartment block, office building, factory or other commercial building.

Our window cleaning access methods include:​

  • Ladder access

  • Reach & wash systems

  • Mobile elevated working platforms

  • Abseiling

  • Cradle access

  • Fall arrest safety harnesses

  • Regular cleaning programs

  • Static operatives

Gutter Cleaning

An annual gutter clear out is recommended to increase the lifespan of your gutters and to keep them free from debris. We understand that you probably lack the time to give your gutters a thorough clean, or perhaps you don't have the equipment needed to access higher gutters in your building.

At SEE Services we can clean all gutters, regardless of type, age, condition and position. We can work on any type of building, from small houses to old buildings, warehouses, hotels and more.

We use the latest methods to remove and dispose of gutter debris to ensure they work properly and last longer. We will tailor a gutter cleaning package to suit your requirements, ensuring you receive the safest, most effective and most cost-efficient service. We use relatively little water when cleaning our gutters, and avoid the use of detergents. All of our gutter cleaning services are completed with a wash through to ensure your gutters are working without leaks or remaining blockages.

Our services include:

  • Use of Gutter Vac System when required

  • Cleaning outlet and hopper heads on flat roofs.

  • Clearing and cleaning downpipes and drains.

  • Installing gutter lining systems

  • Repairing and replacing gutters, downpipes and drains

  • Free survey and photographic evidence of gutter condition

Listed Building Cleaning

Listed buildings and buildings of historical interest require a special approach to cleaning. Careful measures must be taken to reduce the risk of damage to the building's exterior, as regular cleaning methods can be too harsh or ineffective. At SEE Services we employ specialist methods to ensure your building is cleaned effectively while not having a negative effect on the external look of the building.

Over many years, the exterior of listed buildings or buildings of historical interest can become marred by built-up dirt from the surrounding environment. Using sand blasting or other traditional methods of external building cleaning can be too harsh for aged buildings and can alter the building's appearance beyond that accepted by English Heritage guidelines.

External cleaning of listed buildings now requires Listed Building Consent or, in the case of unlisted buildings within a conservation area, planning permission.

We take these guidelines into consideration and use a range of specialist methods to clean listed buildings and buildings of historical interest.

Dry Ice Blasting
At  SEE Services we use a dry ice blasting method to clean oak beams. This method gently but remove layers of paint and grime from wooden beams, restoring them back to their original condition without any smoothing of the wood.

VorTech Cleaning
VorTech cleaning is a patented cleaning process which is effective for cleaning both interior and exterior surfaces of listed and old buildings. The cleaning method is great for listed building maintenance as it is chemical free, gentle, efficient and causes no damage to the substrate's surface.  VorTech can be used to clean the following:

  • Stone and brick

  • Concrete

  • Terracotta

  • Ceramic tiles and glass

  • Copper, brass, bronze, aluminium

  • Removal of lime and cement-based paints

  • Removal of paint residues

  • Removal of oil based paints

  • Removal of bitumen

ThermaTech Cleaning

ThermaTech cleaning is a great complement to the VorTech cleaning system. The ThermaTech cleaning method uses a combination of heat and pressure to remove surface pollutants on listed buildings and buildings of historical interest. It does this without damaging the underlying surface.

Render Cleaning

External building renders are subject to a range of weather conditions which, over time, can cause renders to discolour and appear scruffy. Organic growth can also cause large areas of green growth, containing algae and moss. This organic matter can cause building renders to appear dirty and even cause damage to the exterior of the building.

At SEE Services we use specialist equipment to remove all traces of discolouration and organic growth on external building renders. The cleaning methods we use consist of­ cold pressure washing, hot pressure washing and steam cleaning. Our Render cleaning services are available in London and throughout the UK. No building is too big or too small for us to work on.

Stone Cleaning

Different types of stone require specialist types of cleaning. At SEE Services we understand this and apply specific techniques to suit each building.

Different types of stone weather and degrade in different ways, and as such they require specialist techniques to remove dirt and to avoid damage to the surface.

At SEE Services we will undertake a detailed survey to determine the best type of cleaning for each building. All types of masonry are surprisingly fragile, so we ensure that we do not apply harsh cleaning methods - only those that are the most effective.

We have a wide range of equipment to suit every stone cleaning job. Our specialist pressure washing system is adjustable to deliver water up to 150 degrees centigrade for the toughest jobs. The pressure can also be reduced for more delicate jobs. Our other stone cleaning methods include VorTech, nebulous water spraying and gentle chemical removers.

Our stone cleaning process includes the following:

  • Undertake a detailed survey to determine the type of stone and cleaning needs

  • Determine the method to be used

  • Set up access for high level cleaning - through scaffolding, access platforms or ropes

  • Remove layers of paint or graffiti as required

  • Deploy truck mounted pumps to soften dirt and grime

  • Repoint the stonework (only if required)

  • Clean-up of site. This includes washing windows, doors and guttering / pipework etc.

Brick Cleaning

As with stone cleaning, all brick structures are different and have different cleaning needs. Bricks vary in strength and durability, as does the cement binding them. Brick structures are surprisingly fragile, so cleaning methods must be tailored to each specific project.

The cleaning method we employ will depend on the quality and condition of the brickwork, as well as the type of dirt which needs removing. At SEE Services we have many brick cleaning methods, which can remove general dirt, paint, or organic growth.

Our brick cleaning methods include:

  • Superheated water cleaning systems

  • Soft abrasive cleaning using a swirling vortex system

  • Chemical cleaning and internal alkaline poultice applications

  • Sandblasting

  • Media blasting

Graffiti Cleaning

Graffiti can be artistic, but it's usually more of an annoyance when it's daubed on your home or building. Whether it's offensive or simply unpleasant, graffiti is becoming more of a problem in highly populated cities as well as rundown areas.

Unfortunately, many graffiti removal techniques are not totally effective. Often when graffiti is painted over it looks uneven or leaves a shadow. Even labour-intensive scrubbing often leaves permanent marks behind. At SEE Services we understand that you want a complete and efficient graffiti removal service. We use specialist techniques to remove all traces of graffiti and work to ensure minimal disruption while cleaning graffiti from your building.

Our graffiti removal methods include:

  • Grit Blasting

  • Sandblasting

  • Soda Blasting

  • Cold Pressure washing

  • Hot Pressure washing

  • ThermaTech – steam cleaning

  • VorTech

Paint Removal

SEE Services use modern technology to strip paint from detailed carvings or mouldings, ornate plasterwork, exterior brickwork, carved or turned woodwork and intricate iron work.  We also remove paint from wood, delicate door stripping and will remove paint from brick and also oak beams.

All the process we use are environment friendly and approved by The National Trust, English Heritage and The Building Conservation Trust.

Different types of process we use to remove or strip paint:

  • ThermaTech – Steam cleaning

  • VorTech – Wet abrasive blasting

  • Bead Blasting

  • Shot Blasting

  • Sandblasting

  • Grit Blasting

  • Glass Blasting

  • Hydro­blasting

  • Hot pressure washing

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