Stone Floors

Stone cleaning and restoration can restore a floor to its original condition, producing a beautiful finish and extending its life span. SEE Services knowledgeable team of professionals deal with the restoration and conservation of stone floors in homes, offices, prestigious buildings and historical properties, using the most appropriate techniques for each individual situation. We have experience of maintaining and restoring stone floors in some of the most prestigious buildings in the UK.

Regardless of the type of stone at some point a deep clean and restoration is likely to be required. Natural elements, wear and tear, improper cleaning and spillages will deteriorate the appearance and structure of a floor, and over time natural stone such as marble, granite and slate is likely to sustain some form of damage. SEE Services understands that architects, homeowners and business owners alike want to care for and maintain floors and our specialist technicians will work with you to identify the type of floor, the issues, and the most appropriate techniques, equipment and products to use.

We use a number of techniques to maintain and restore stone floors, bringing out the beauty of the stone and making it look like new.

  • GRINDING: Carried out to remove deep scratches and remove uneven tile edges. It is done by machine with diamond abrasive pads and water, so that no dust is created.

  • HONING: Removes minor scratches and wear and tear from everyday foot traffic. It is also carried out by machine in a similar way to grinding.

  • POLISHING: Gives marble or stone a shine, enhancing the veining in marble and protecting the marble or stone from everyday traffic and spills.

  • CLEANING: Removes dirt, stains and bacteria, as well as cleaning waxes and polymers that have become embedded.

  • SEALING: Protects and preserves natural stone.

  • COLOUR ENHANCING: Penetrating sealers enhance the colour of the stone.

  • STRIPPING: Removes coatings, such as waxes and polyurethane, which inhibit the stone’s ability to breathe and cause spalling.

Granite is a very hard wearing stone and provides a luxury, high quality appearance in building reception areas and lift lobbies. Its porous nature means that it will stain over time, so regular maintenance is important to keep it in top condition.

Marble is a durable and aesthetically pleasing substrate, which also provides a luxury, high-end appearance in buildings. Regular professional maintenance will ensure that the high quality finish is retained for many years.

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