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Whatever the nature or location of your drain blockage SEE Services has the expertise and technology to resolve the problem and keep your premises operational. We are experts in unblocking commercial, industrial and residential sewers and we are equipped with high pressure water jetting units and a team of experienced engineers.

The first visible signs of a blocked drain may not occur until the problem has been present for a while. It is therefore important that the cause and solution are identified as soon as possible, to ensure the problem can be dealt with at the lowest cost, with the minimum of inconvenience. If a blocked drain is left, there is the possibility of it escalating into a flood, so it is important to deal with issues quickly, to prevent further environmental problems.

Efficient sewer jetting


Mobile jetting units are the first line of response for sewer unblocking or for drain cleaning. High pressure water is used to remove congested contamination, such as grease, dirt, roots, and unflushable materials such as wet wipes, and remove the blockage. All of our mobile jetting vans are also equipped with CCTV probes, to help identify issues and the locations of blockages, and electromechanical cleaning machines which can be used to deal with blockages in remote locations within buildings. Our jetting engineers are fully trained and come with vast experience of assessing problems and offering appropriate solutions.

CCTV Drain Surveys

If you have a blocked drain, or wish to have your drains checked out due to reoccurring issues, our fully equipped CCTV vehicles can inspect the service condition of the drain and identify structural defects. SEE Services has a team of highly qualified and experienced drainage engineers who specialise in the surveying and plotting of drainage systems. This allows us to verify the integrity and flow characteristics of a drain, and to confirm the cause and location of any issues. Our surveys are followed by a full report with conclusions, and recommendations for any remedial work required to provide a long-term solution to problems.


CCTV surveys are beneficial in many circumstances including:

  • Pre-purchase asset condition surveys on commercial, residential and industrial sites.

  • Pre-adoption surveys prior to handover to UK water authorities for the construction industry.

  • Investigation into problematic drainage and repeat blockages.

  • Pest investigations.

  • Confirming industrial drainage systems are providing appropriate chemical capture and pollution control.

Interceptor Cleaning

SEE Services provides interceptor emptying, cleaning and jetting services throughout the UK. Interceptors are designed to collect rain water, oil and other waste products which accumulate places such as car parks, lorry depots, schools, airports, industrial sites and petrol station forecourts. The interceptor system is designed to permit only water to leave, trapping all other pollutants, including oils, fuels and solid waste, within the filtering system. Once they are cleaned, they are recharged.

To prevent overflow and contamination of drainage systems, interceptors needs to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. We recommend servicing and emptying of interceptors on a 6 monthly basis for standard installations.

The accumulation of waste in an interceptor can cause blockages and if it were to overflow, all of this waste would be dispersed across the area it was supposed to protect. This could result in a car park or other area becoming covered in oil, which would be very dangerous for customers and staff. Long term problems for the business could result, such as it being temporarily closed and losing custom and revenue, in addition to the environmental risk of hydrocarbons entering the sewage system or watercourse.

Confined Space Entry

SEE Services provides safe and efficient confined space entry services. We have extensive experience of confined space entry and cleaning, where there is the risk of dangerous conditions, such as lack of oxygen, or exposure to hazardous materials and gases. Our engineers, who are fully trained and qualified to the highest level, will be accompanied by a skilled supervisor and will provide all their necessary PPE equipment. Our engineers are first aid trained and come equipped with all the harnesses, ropes and breathing apparatus needed to complete a safe and compliant confined space entry.

Confined spaces include a range of environments including culverts, drains, sewers, storage tanks, vessels silos, ductwork and areas with limited ventilation. The hazardous nature of the work implies our strict operational procedures including:

  • Project specific Risk and Method statement (RAMS).

  • Completion of an entry permit for every confined space piece of work.

  • Identifying and using the correct safety equipment and PPE.

  • Implementing the correct isolation procedures.

  • Conducting an atmospheric evaluation.

  • Demonstrating correct rescue procedures and first aid techniques.

Culvert Cleaning

SEE Services has expertise in cleaning, unblocking and servicing of culverts. Our tankers have the power and technology capable of tackling the most complicated issues in drainage systems throughout the UK. Our services include inspection of culverts and tunnels using CCTV or man entry, cleaning and maintenance.


The importance of Culverts

A culvert is a device for channelling and directing water. They allow water to pass beneath roads, railways, paths and are also used as cross-drains for ditch relief. A culvert may be a bridge-like structure, designed to allow passage for the water and they come in many shapes and sizes including round, elliptical, flat-bottomed, pear-shaped, and rectangular.

It is important to regularly inspect culverts, especially during seasons of heavy rainfall. Poorly designed culverts are more likely to become jammed with sediment and debris during heavy rain and if the culvert cannot pass the water through, it may overflow back to the road. Erosion, joint separation, and inlet or outlet pipe blockages can also be issues which need to be resolved.

Strategically placed culverts help alleviate flooding, reduce erosion and help distribute run-off water across large areas. They are extremely important in protecting and preserving road beds, ditches, banks, pathways and embankments by collecting and channelling excess water. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure they are working efficiently and to reduce the risk of flooding.

Flood Services

SEE Services offers a range of services to deal with the flooding of buildings or roads, including:

  • 24/7 emergency response.

  • Removal and disposal of flood water.

  • Flood control and clean-up of the site.

  • Pollution clean-up service.

We are equipped to handle any job, large or small, with our tankers ideal for flood clean up or wet waste removal, throughout the UK.

We also offer a planned preventative pollution service which includes identifying risks and problem areas on the site, providing bespoke solutions and carrying out periodic maintenance plans.

Drain Lining Repair

If you have a drain that needs repairing, our drain lining service may be a straightforward and efficient solution. Cured in place pipe (CIPP) drain lining provides a solution to worn or damaged pipes, which may be caused by root intrusion, water penetration or crack and fractures. The process does not require any pipes to be dug up or replaced, as a flexible resin layer sets against the damaged pipe, effectively moulding a new pipe inside. CIPP provides immediate repair and restoration of flow, as well as minimising costs and disruption at the site.


Drain Lining Process

  • A comprehensive CCTV inspection is conducted to determine the faults in the pipe and the reasons for their occurrence.

  • If a new drain lining is required, a specially formulated resin in a flexible liner is fed through the existing damaged pipe.

  • Once the flexible liner is expanded into the old pipe, the curing process takes place.

  • When curing is complete the flexible liner is removed, leaving a tightly fitted rigid new pipe. A further CCTV inspection can be carried out to confirm that the repair is of the highest standard.

Gully & Catch Pit Cleaning

SEE Services has extensive experience in the cleaning of surface water gullies and catch pits. Our tanker fleet enables us to remove all types of waste from surface water gullies and harvesting tanks, catch pits, septic tanks, cesspits and holding tanks.

Different regulatory requirements apply to hazardous and non-hazardous waste, with different costs involved. Hazardous waste generally has contaminants within it such as oil or chemical pollutants while non-hazardous waste only contains inert materials such as soil or silt.

Once the gully or other vessel is emptied or unblocked, we use high-pressure water jets for cleaning and to ensure that everything is fully functional, there are no remaining issues and they are recharged.

Grease Trap Emptying

Grease traps are a fundamental part of any commercial kitchen or food processing plant, helping to ensure that harmful greases, fats and oils are trapped and prevented from entering the drainage system where they could cause damaging blockages. The fat and greases separates from the water and collects within the trap, floating to the top and allowing the water to flow through to the drain. Once they are cleaned, they are recharged.

Grease builds up inside the traps, eventually making them ineffective and also leading to unpleasant odours, so they need to be regularly emptied. Waste from grease traps is classified as a controlled and Environmental Health Officers will wish to see evidence that regular cleaning has been performed and the waste disposed of appropriately.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar used for location of known or possible voids, operator will be able to determine the extent of void including the depth and width along with any local services running through the area which may cause problems when carrying out repairs.

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