Mould Removal

Mould in any property may seem to be a harmless yet unpleasant annoyance. However, certain types of mould are linked with serious health problems as well as damage to buildings.

Why is it important to remove mould?  A number of health conditions are caused or exacerbated by mouldy conditions such as:

  • Allergic reactions: irritation of the nose and throat, coughs, headaches and rashes

  • Tiredness, nausea, impaired memory, rheumatic pain, susceptibility to infection

  • Mycosis and other fungal infections

  • Weakening of the immune system

  • Increased risk of infection in vulnerable people


Mould is caused by damp conditions and is often the result of water damage. The longer water damage goes undealt with, the more likely that mould will grow. Once mould contamination has reached a certain point, only experienced indoor environmental hygienists should attempt to remove it. If you already have a mould problem, the specialist technicians at SEE Services can help.

SEE Services is experienced in dealing with all levels of mould contamination - from minor outbreaks in damp bathrooms to extensive property damage caused by black and toxic mould.

We use a number of specialist techniques to destroy the visible mould as well as removing bad odours and bacteria associated with fungus, yeast, mould and mildew. These methods include deodorisation, wet fogging, thermal dry fogging, and ozone treatment.

Our mould removal process is as follows:

  • Undertake an analysis of the issue, including a microbiological assessment if required

  • Remove visible signs of mould (avoiding the release of toxic spores)

  • Disinfect all affected materials and objects

  • Dry affected areas

  • Remove contaminated materials, such as wallpaper, wood, plaster, concrete

  • Purify surrounding air

  • Undertake final quality control checks

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