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Installation, testing and maintenance

SEE understands the importance of maintaining your property to ensure it’s legally compliant and a safe place to work. Using our own expertise and resources, we are able to provide comprehensive support in order to maintain the required standards and integrity of sites and buildings.

Compliance and statutory testing are legal obligations that must be carried out to ensure a duty of care and to provide a safe working and living environment. It is also imperative to ensure assets and investments are adequately protected.

To achieve this, we offer integrated solutions to establish and manage compliance for single and multi-site operations. This includes services for electrical, gas, air conditioning, plumbing and fire systems, together with the maintenance of the associated infrastructure and equipment. And for businesses that operate around the clock, we are able to provide a bespoke and comprehensive 24/7 support service.

Electrical Compliance

Ensuring your organisation maintains a compliant electrical testing programme fulfilling your obligations under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Health and Safety act 1974.

Here at SEE, our electrical programmes are designed to meet individual client requirements whilst keeping any business disruption to a minimum and keeping your building, colleagues and the wider public safe and operational.

Our comprehensive range of electrical testing services include EICR reports, PAT testing, remedial works, thermal imaging and both general and emergency lighting.

Gas Safety & Servicing

Having your gas safety equipment annually checked will not only mean that you are meeting the Gas Safety Regulations 1988, but it will also help improve the efficiency and perfomance of your appliances.

Whilst a gas safety check will assess the minimum requirements our additional servicing regimes will offer a more comprehensive service, testing not only the appliance, but also checking all air vents, flues and pipework.

All of our engineers are GasSafe registered providing both accurate and diligent testing and servicing programmes, supported by fully compliant and auditable reports.  We also offer a remedial services should these be required.

HVAC Systems

Servicing and maintaining all of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) requirments our specialist team are on hand to make sure not only are your systems running correctly but they are also as efficient as possible.

We also offer installation, servicing and maintenance to a varierty of refrigeration such as cellar rooms, remote plants, walk-in cold rooms, fridge and freezer display cabinets.

We also offer F-Gas services ensuring that your air conditioning and refrigeration plants are leak tight and compliant.


Fire Safety

No matter the size or function of your premises SEE can help you take the necessary action to reduce or eliminate the risk of any fire hazards by carrying out a fire risk assessment providing you with a clear and concise report.

We install and repair fire alarms along with servicing and testing.  We also test and maintain your fire extinguishers and maintain smoke vents.  


We also provide testing, servicing and installation upgrades to your fire supression systems of course in line with the manufacturers guideines.

Water Treatment (L8)

SEE follow the UK Health & Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice and Guidance "Legionnaires Disease: Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems"


We carry out legionella risk assessments that  are required by law preventing any outbreak of the disease, ensuring that your building is tested to the highest standard.

In addition we carry out the vital water sampling measuring the effectiveness of the required control measures.


Specialist Services

SEE also offer installation testing and maintenance to a range of specialist services including lifts, generators, fall protection, lightening conduction and uninterruptable power supplies.

As with all our other services these are carried out nationwide other as a single site or part of a larger scale multi-site operation.  Please contact our office for further details.

Security Solutions

Protecting your premises and those who use it is of paramount importance to any business.  Here at SEE we are able to help you do just that.

We provide a wide range of installation and maintenance to a variety of CCTV systems, automatic gates and barriers, entry and access control systems, fire detection, intruder alarms and window film solutions.

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