Washroom & Bathroom Cleaning

Washrooms and bathrooms in commercial buildings benefit from regular cleaning, but dirt and bacteria can still build up over time. It's important to keep your bathrooms fresh and clean to ensure a pleasant and hygienic experience for guests.

At SEE Services we offer both regular bathroom cleaning and periodical deep cleans. No matter how regularly or thoroughly you clean your washrooms, germs and bacteria can accumulate in hard to reach places. Our cleaning services ensure all dirt and grime is removed, as well as sanitising areas such as toilets and floors so they remain hygienic and free from harmful bacteria buildup.

We use specialist cleaning materials and techniques to ensure all fixtures and fittings in your washrooms are brought to a sparkling finish. Our cleaning methods will remove any limescale, dirt, hair, soap, and will eliminate the causes of bad odours in your bathroom.

Our services include cleaning toilets, urinals, basins, and showers. We also sanitise surfaces including floors and walls, and ensure all fixtures are kept hygienic, including taps, tiles, grouting, and sanitary bins. We can also carry out minor repairs to ensure your washroom environment lasts longer, including fixing defective plugs and replacing damaged grouting and sealant.

Our range of washroom and bathroom cleaning services can:

  • Remove harmful bacteria

  • Eliminate unpleasant odours

  • Prolong the life of washroom amenities and pipe work

  • Improve cosmetic appearance

  • Reduce risk of infection

  • Improve hygiene levels

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