Smoke and Fire Damage

Smoke and fire damage can leave any property in a terrible state, with secondary damage of a number of types likely. The acidic soot and smoke particles, often propelled under pressure during the fire, infiltrate every surface and can cause corrosion. Hazardous substances formed during combustion create a toxic environment, often impregnating furnishings and textiles, and the process of extinguishing the fire is likely to cause damage, including water damage. In addition, fire damaged properties may be open to the elements for a period of time until properly sealed. If you are unfortunate enough to experience smoke and fire damage it is therefore essential that you take rapid action.


We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing smoke and fire damage restoration services to commercial properties We aim to be with you within two to four hours (often less) of receiving your call, so we can prevent any further damage and get to work on salvage, restoration and building maintenance.


Once on the scene, our highly trained technicians will assess the smoke and fire damage and determine what items can be recovered. Each fire is unique and the damage needs to be dealt with using appropriate knowledge and experience to bring about the best possible results. The remediation process requires a scientific understanding of materials, combustion and the chemical reactions that take place and the techniques required to deal with the particular damage that has occurred. It is important to categorise the damage and prioritise the urgency of items and areas for action. Any fire damaged item that is of value yet salvageable should be given high priority, as deterioration starts within 24 hours.


Fire and smoke can cause damage to a property in many ways and the outcome will depend on building design, materials, temperature, pressure and weather conditions. We offer dedicated building cleaning and restoration, using the latest technology and leading edge techniques and will recommend the best course of action to restore both your property and your treasured contents. Complete removal of soot and smoke will be required throughout the building, and sand blasting or ice blasting may be needed, as well as odour control techniques and building maintenance.

All fire-damaged properties receive a guarantee that buildings, contents, oak beams, brick, machinery and assets will be free from all incident related contaminates such as smoke and soot.


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